Payless Shoes

$1,900.00 and a $75 gift card for three blog posts each shared at least three times on the social media platforms of my choice. They paid within 30 days of the last post. Really nice people to work with.


Brand worked for: O2 / Deliverables: 5 x tweets / Paid: £300 / Took: 1 month to get paid / Yes, was an influencers campaign


Nordstrom through reward style. $1,000 to write about a certain brand on the site in a blog post and also share on Instagram using LIKEtoKNOWit. Got paid 60 days later.

Popular TV

I was brought on to shoot social content for Popular TV for $400 dollars. When it came time to pay they were nowhere to be found! Used my content without complaint, however.


Nike collab through rewardStyle. Had to purchase my own product and showcase it through a blog post (with affiliate links), instagram post, facebook and twitter mentions and 5 pins for $500. It’s been 60 days and payment is still pending. I had around 30K followers at the time.

Liquid Nails

1 Blog post for Liquid Nails through Markerly. I had to write a blog post using the product in a creative way with pictures taken by a professional grade camera and then share to all my social accounts. I had to put a tracking code on my site and sign off on the agency owning my content. I got paid $750. I was paid within 24 hours, as is standard with them.

Refinery 29

I was asked to create three photos for Refinery 29’s new web tv series for use across their social platforms totaling almost a million viewers and as ads on their site. They had $600 for all three images.

Billboard Awards

Billboard Awards / Dick Clark Productions - They approached me for the costs. They never mentioned about pay until I did. I requested $600 per illustration/GIF. They never got back to me.


I was paid $1500 for 4 complex packaging illustrations with national distribution. Looking back, I should have asked for more. They paid 50% up front, and then paid the balance within 1 week of completing the job. Nice people.