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Nordstrom through reward style. $1,000 to write about a certain brand on the site in a blog post and also share on Instagram using LIKEtoKNOWit. Got paid 60 days later.


Jawbone, via Collectively agency. $800 for 1 blog post + Instagram/Twitter post about Jawbone UP, plus 2 UP bands. Paid within 90 days, this agency is great to work with :)

Cutty Sark Whiskey

Cutty Sark Whiskey via their agency at the time Ammirati/Resource, paid $700 as well as one case of various Cutty Sark whiskey products for ten abstract instagram posts, Whiskey (to shoot) provided upon contract, payment provided within two weeks.

American Express

American Express, Agency was High Road Communications. Paid $800 for 2 Instagram/Twitter posts, paid within 30 days, great to work with.


HP/Intel via Collectively (agency). Was paid $1000 + tablet for 1 Instagram, 1 blog post and 2 photos that were included in a Vine. Paid within 90 days


After working on a project with them, they asked me to post it to my instagram with their copy. I don’t have a huge following so I asked for $1k, they said they only had $500. Idk how this massive company could only have 500$ lying around. Didn’t respond to their email and they came back with $1k the next day. payment was 2 weeks late. Verizon is a shifty company and if I had known about the shifty way they treat their workers I wouldn’t have taken on this job. fuck verizon


INSTAGRAM: Offered $4000 for a 15-second animated video for their “explore” page. Project was killed before I even presented sketches but they offered a $1000 kill fee. Paid within a week via Paypal. Nice people :)